Austrian Chancellor Nehammer said that they want to increase exports to Turkiye

Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer said, “Turkiye is a very important partner for us. We want to increase Austria’s export level (to Turkiye).”

Prime Minister Nehammer, Minister of Industry and Technology Mehmet Fatih Kacir, Austrian Minister of Labor and Economy Martin Kocher, Deputy Minister of Trade Sezai Ucarmak, Foreign Economic Relations Board (DEIK) President Nail Olpak and many business people attended the press conference before the “Turkiye-Austria Business Council Round Table Meeting” held in Ankara.

Prime Minister Nehammer reminded that the relations between Austria and Turkiye date back to the past and stated that his visit to Turkiye was special for him.

Expressing his congratulations on the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Republic, Nehammer noted that the first century of diplomatic relations between Turkiye and Austria will be celebrated next year.

Pointing to the intense mutual relations, Nehammer said, “Turkiye is a very important partner for us. We want to increase Austria’s export level (to Turkiye). Last year, we increased this rate by 20% and today we are talking about €4.6 billion.”

Stating that the development of economic relations requires trust, Nehammer said that the participation of Austrian representatives in the meeting is proof of the importance they attach to these relations.

Nehammer pointed out that Austria is in the Turkish market with its machinery, services and financial services and said, “Tourism is what connects us emotionally to Turkiye.”

Emphasizing that the increase in inflation and energy costs was also felt in Europe, Nehammer noted that they were going through difficult times.

Nehammer stated that he wanted to strengthen economic relations with Turkiye and said, “Mr. Minister, your presence here is a very good signal for Austrian entrepreneurs. I hope that we will realize many projects together. Cooperation between Turkiye and Austria will please me.”

“Austria is the 10th largest investor in Turkiye”

Minister Kocher pointed out that the meeting will increase the cooperation between Austria and Turkiye and stated that this is a great chance for both countries.

Stating that the geopolitical developments in recent years pose a challenge for them, Kocher said, “At the same time, energy prices are increasing and there are problems in the supply chains. Of course, it is essential to use the potential in all these conditions.”

Underlining that approximately 1,500 Austria-based companies operate in Turkiye, Kocher said, “Austria is the 10th largest investor in Turkiye. It is a well-known and well-represented country in Turkiye.”

Stating that Austria is strong in the fields of renewable energy, microchip and pharmaceutical industry, Kocher emphasized that his country is working together with Turkiye on these issues.

Source: AA / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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