Bodrum Tourism Professionals Anticipate a Dynamic Season with Tourist Diversity and Reservations

Tourism professionals in the Bodrum district of Muğla are expecting a lively upcoming season based on the diversity of tourists and the increasing trend in early reservations.

Bodrum, known for its clean beaches, historical charm, and vibrant nightlife, is gearing up to welcome thousands of tourists, including those staying in luxurious facilities, including a thermal hotel.

Yiğit Girgin, the representative of the Professional Hotel Managers Association (POYD) in Bodrum and the General Manager of a hotel, mentioned that their main strategy for the year is to reach 60 million tourists and generate 60 billion dollars in revenue. Girgin emphasized that these goals are achievable, considering the country’s various options such as the azure atmosphere, history, culture, and gastronomy.

Girgin highlighted that despite some criticisms on platforms claiming “tourism cannot be sustained for 12 months,” they have observed successful outcomes with the right policies.

He expressed that Turkey is an attractive destination internationally, and factors like the business knowledge of investors, the increase in local chains, quality service, reasonable prices, and inclusive pricing are reasons for their effectiveness in the tourism sector. Girgin noted that recent marketing efforts, including those by the Ministry of Tourism and the Tourism Promotion and Development Agency, coupled with the dedicated efforts of tourism professionals in various regions, contribute to the positive trajectory of their goals.

Girgin acknowledged that pricing imbalances in 2023 posed some challenges, but they anticipate a 15% increase in the atmosphere for 2024. Specifically addressing Bodrum, he mentioned increased flight capacities and a consistent flow of reservations, emphasizing the importance of maintaining this flow.

Recai Çakır, a tourism professional and owner of a thermal hotel in the Kadıkalesi region, stated that Turkish tourism has become more resilient to crises, diversifying its market. Çakır shared Turkey’s expectation of 60 million tourists and 60 billion dollars in revenue for the year, expressing confidence in achieving these targets.

He reported that winter reservations are currently 20-30% higher than the previous year, hoping for good occupancy rates starting from April 1. Çakır believes that 2024 will be another record year unless there are unforeseen issues.

Çakır emphasized the potential for Turkey to surpass a hundred million tourists and a hundred billion dollars in revenue with the introduction of new bed capacities and the diversification of tourism sites. He underscored that tourism is Turkey’s biggest non-industrial sector, attributing this to the country’s nature, culture, history, and the ability to experience all four seasons simultaneously.

Çakır concluded by stating that Turkey is one of the luckiest countries in the Mediterranean basin and highlighted the need for stability and long-term planning to address industry challenges by accurately diagnosing and solving problems.

source: prepared by Melisa Beğiç

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