Boeing focuses on new collaborations as Turkiye has a strong industry in aerospace and defense

Boeing Turkiye and Central Asia General Manager Aysem Sargin said that they have good suppliers in Turkiye and that they have reached a business volume of $2.5 billion with the industry here in the last 10 years.

Aysem Sargin, in her statement to the AA correspondent, noted that the long-term expectations for the aviation sector are always positive, and said that the sector has started to recover seriously as of 2022, after the effects of Covid-19 are over.

Stating that the growth of the aviation sector gained momentum last year and that they saw a growth beyond the expectations, Sargin said, “There was a rapid recovery in the aviation sector globally, followed by a transition to growth. Turkiye has become one of the pioneers among both the countries that recovered most quickly in passenger traffic and the countries that identified the need for aircraft and took action.”

Sargin pointed out that there are very good brands as airline companies in Turkiye and that these companies are updating their growth projections and said, “Turkiye has a strong industry in aviation and defense and is an important player in the global supply chain. The more aircraft produced depending on global demand means that our companies doing business with the supply chain in Turkiye will produce more and export more.”

“Turkiye is in an excellent position in terms of aviation”

Aysem Sargin emphasized that the engineering talent in Turkiye is very high and continued her words as follows:

“As production in the field of aviation increases and some new technologies are adapted, Turkish engineers will have a lot of work to do. Therefore, the growth of this high value-added sector is a very positive development for Turkiye as a whole. The aviation sector, on the one hand, provides know-how accumulation in Turkiye, and on the other hand, supports companies in terms of regular capital inflows and increases their international competitiveness by enabling them to make long-term investments.”

Sargin stated that the growth of Istanbul Airport was something they expected and said, “In terms of aviation, geographically, Turkiye is in an excellent position. Therefore, looking at the past 10 years, airline companies in Turkiye have grown much faster than expected. “We are seeing very rapid growth in many aviation-related fields in Turkiye.”

“It is an advantage for us that Turkiye has such a strong aviation ecosystem.”

Boeing Turkiye and Central Asia General Manager Sargin stated that they cooperate intensively with suppliers in production models and said, “We have good suppliers in Turkiye. We have had a business volume of $2.5 billion with the industry in Turkiye in the last 10 years. We are also looking at other collaborations in different fields in Turkiye in the coming period. As Boeing, it is an advantage for us that Turkiye has such a strong aviation ecosystem.”

Underlining that Turkiye is in a position to produce its own warplane today, Sargin said, “When we say ‘engineering centre’, we can find qualified engineers. When we say ‘Let’s work with industry in Turkiye’, we still have very good companies doing business on a world scale. We can do business with them.”

Stating that Central Asia is a region open to growth in aviation, Sargin concluded his words as follows:

“In this region, we see some new breakthroughs in the fields of trade and tourism. Central Asia has become more in touch with the world. Turkiye is of course a very important partner here. Central Asia is a geography where we are very close and intertwined in terms of cultural and historical roots. We hope to benefit from these synergies. These countries also have a goal of opening up to the world more in the coming period. Boeing can play a good catalyst role here and Turkiye is definitely a very important bridge here.”

Source: AA / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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