China-Turkiye digital economy cooperation under BRI

As one of the first countries to support the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), Türkiye has gradually deepened the docking process of its development strategies with China, and the two countries have become important partners under the BRI framework.

As common development is one of the principles of the Belt and Road Initiative, the high-quality development proposed by China not only affects China-Türkiye trade, but also creates bilateral cooperation opportunities with third parties.

For example, in recent years, Türkiye and China have conducted digital economic cooperation under the BRI. The construction of the Digital Silk Road, as an organic combination of digital economy development and the initiative of jointly building the Belt and Road, provided an important e-commerce platform for bilateral trade and helped Turkish small and medium-sized businesses sell products to global markets.

Additionally, Türkiye has taken every opportunity to attract Chinese enterprises to increase their investments in various sectors of the country,especially in high value-added areas. A workforce well-trained in digital technology and Türkiye’s recent investment in technological infrastructure make the country a good partner for China.

Recently, the Turkish government and authorities have proposed the concept of “new infrastructure”. This new infrastructure includes covers sensors, handheld terminals, 5G networks, large data centers, and industrial internet. To achieve this, Chinese enterprises can provide solutions for Türkiye’s digital transformation. Knowledge transfer may occur based on information technologies such as 6G, artificial intelligence, industrial internet, and the Internet of Things.

Experts believe that the digital era will accelerate the cooperation process between the two countries. And they have been discussing how to jointly develop the field based on the concept of mutual benefit and win-win results.

The BRI has brought China closer to Europe. This year marks the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the BRI. Ambassador of the Republic of Türkiye to China, H.E. Dr. Ismail Hakki Musa, once said cooperation between the leaders of the two countries will be gradually implemented through specific projects. The partnership on the historical Silk Road, which is evolving into a digital Silk Road with digital transformation, is one such project.


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