Fisker Engages in Talks with Nissan for $400 Million Capital Support

According to Reuters, Nissan (NSANY) is nearing a significant investment in electric vehicle (EV) company Fisker Inc (FSR).

The potential deal, expected to be finalized within this month, could contribute more than $400 million to Fisker, aiming to create an electric truck platform.

This partnership might lead to the assembly of Fisker’s anticipated Alaska electric pickup truck at one of Nissan’s production facilities in the United States by 2026, with Mississippi and Tennessee being considered as potential locations.

Furthermore, Nissan plans to utilize this platform for the introduction of its own electric pickup truck.

These negotiations come at a crucial time for Fisker, which recently expressed concerns about its financial sustainability and announced a 15% reduction in its workforce.

Following the announcement, Fisker’s stock value plummeted by over 40%, closing 33.7% lower at the end of Friday’s trading session.

Fisker has confirmed that it has initiated talks with a major automotive manufacturer regarding a potential investment and joint development project, although the identity of the involved company has not been disclosed.

This deal, currently under careful evaluation, signifies a strategic shift for Nissan, one of the early participants in the electric vehicle market with its Leaf model. By focusing on the U.S. electric pickup truck category, Nissan aims to strengthen its position in the highly competitive electric vehicle market.

For Fisker, grappling with reduced demand for its Ocean electric SUV due to global price reductions by leading electric vehicle companies like Tesla (TSLA) and BYD, coupled with rising interest rates, Nissan’s investment could provide critical financial support and enhance operational stability.

source: prepared by Melisa Beğiç

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