Company producing “Mouth Shower” operates in Erciyes Technopark

A company operating under Erciyes Technopark in Kayseri has produced a “Mouth Shower” device used for oral and dental health.

The chairman of the board of directors of the company, dentist İlhan Karacalar, who started operating last year in Erciyes Technopark in Kayseri, told AA correspondent that the device called “mouth shower” has become widespread worldwide.

Stating that they produced the device as the “first” in Turkey, Karacalar recommended that those who have undergone implantation or have hybrid or bridge prostheses in their mouths should definitely use this product.

Karacalar noted that the device operates with water and can be charged for up to 30 days.

“We started mass production” Karacalar, who stated that they produced the device recommended by many dentists in the USA with a team of 10 people, obtained the design, registration, and “CE” certificate, said:

“I noticed that there was a deficiency in this area. China produces and sells it worldwide. A producer there produces 400 thousand devices per month and markets them worldwide. We set out with the intention of not letting our country’s currency go abroad but stay in Turkey. We have now started mass production. I believe that we will fill a significant gap in the market. We are not only considering selling in Turkey but also exporting to other countries.”

Highlighting that there will be no need for dental floss with the device, Karacalar said, “At the same time, it massages the gums and protects gum health by spraying pressurized water. There are risks associated with using dental floss. When we enter between the teeth with floss, the most common complaint of our patients is irritation and bleeding of the gums. This is not possible with a mouth shower. The mouth shower is the best instrument for cleaning food residues between the teeth.”

“We made an investment of 10 million liras” Stating that they aim to be influential in the global market, Karacalar said, “It consists of 28-30 parts. We invested 10 million liras in its R&D, production, and procurement of materials from various suppliers. We did everything ourselves, and it is a completely domestic product.”

Karacalar said, “In the coming days, we will exhibit our product at a fair and open a booth. We believe that we will receive large orders. When we participated last year, we took our prototypes and received very positive reactions from abroad. Especially companies from Turkish Republics, Russia, and the Middle East expressed that they will always prefer to buy Turkish products.”

source: prepared by Melisa Beğiç

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