Daily Vehicle Passage Record Broken in Eurasia Tunnel on April 30th

Transport and Infrastructure Minister Abdulkadir Uraloğlu announced that a daily vehicle passage record was broken on April 30th with 93,317 vehicle crossings in the Eurasia Tunnel.

Uraloğlu made a written statement regarding the vehicle passage numbers in the Eurasia Tunnel.

Reminding that the Eurasia Tunnel, the first and only double-deck road tunnel connecting the continents of Asia and Europe under the sea, continues to serve its users as a fast, safe, and comfortable alternative in crossing the strait, Uraloğlu stated, “The traffic guarantee for the year 2024 is an average of 70,733 unit vehicles per day in the Eurasia Tunnel. The traffic passage realized in the Eurasia Tunnel this year with a daily average of 73,911 unit vehicles is 4% above the traffic guarantee.”

Minister Uraloğlu emphasized that last month, more than 75,000 vehicles on average passed through the tunnel, and on April 30th, a new record of 93,317 vehicle crossings was reached, stating:

“As the Ministry, we are working tirelessly to strengthen and provide safe and comfortable transportation infrastructure in every mode of transportation to our citizens. With proper planning, timing, and investments made in the right places, we are delivering monumental works to our country.”

Uraloğlu highlighted that since its opening on December 22, 2016, a total of 132,373 vehicles have passed through the Eurasia Tunnel, and additionally, since May 1, 2022, when motorcycles were allowed to use the tunnel, a total of 1,247,000 motorcycle crossings have been made. While 2,991 motorcycle crossings occurred in April, motorcycles account for 4% of the total crossings, minibusses for 5%, and cars for 91%.

source: aa.com.tr/ prepared by Melisa Beğiç

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