21.3 billion Turkish liras worth of domestic products by Akkuyu PP

TSE President Şahin stated that with the services provided by TSE as an “approved material organization” for the Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) Project, 21.3 billion Turkish liras worth of domestic materials were procured from industrialists and used in the project.

Ankara Mahmut Sami Şahin, President of the Turkish Standards Institution (TSE), reminded the AA correspondent that TSE is an organization that actively participates in international standardization bodies and provides conformity assessment services such as testing, inspection, supervision, and certification in all areas needed by the business world.

Şahin stated that the institution creates value with its widespread service network, saying, “TSE, which serves to enable industrialists to produce high-quality, internationally standardized products, has become a prestigious brand not only in the country but also internationally preferred. The institution eliminates possible technical barriers that our industrialists may encounter with strong business relationships established with organizations in many countries around the world. It conducts studies to promote production in compliance with standards and issues related certificates.”

Şahin pointed out that TSE also operates in line with the country’s energy policy, saying that Turkey has embarked on a restructuring process in the energy sector to increase domestic production capacity through more investments.

Reminding that TSE provides technical support as a technical support organization (TSO) to carry out field and construction inspections for Akkuyu NPP within the framework of the regulations specified in the Nuclear Safety Inspections and Sanctions Regulation, Şahin said, “The TSO inspections actively carried out within the scope of the Akkuyu NPP Project signed between Turkey and the Russian government in 2010 are conducted by field technical experts with a graded approach within the relevant work program.”

Şahin also mentioned that inspections of equipment produced in Russia, Ukraine, and European countries for Akkuyu NPP are carried out by relevant experts.

TSE is responsible for products to be supplied by domestic producers

Şahin recalled that negotiations for the supply of “high-security and non-classified products” to be used in the construction of Akkuyu NPP from domestic producers were initiated under the coordination of the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources in 2012, stating, “With negotiations and inspections conducted with ROSATOM and REIN companies (Rosatom Energy International), TSE was authorized by Akkuyu NPP in Turkey as the ‘Main Material Scientific Institution’ in 2020. The authorization process of our institution for testing and certification of products within the scope of ‘Nuclear Safety Class 3’ is still ongoing.”

Şahin emphasized that TSE is responsible for testing and certifying products and equipment to be supplied from domestic producers in accordance with project standards for the construction of nuclear power plants.

Furthermore, Şahin pointed out TSE’s responsibility in providing technical support in the preparation of manufacturing procedure documents for materials to be produced by manufacturers, saying, “Our institution provides technical support for the preparation of equipment manufacturing procedure documents to be prepared according to the technical specifications of Akkuyu NPP, the creation of test programs, and technical support for the design and seismic calculations of equipment and materials. We are also responsible for the standardization of products to be used in the nuclear power plant, the preparation of technical comparison reports requested by the IC İçtaş-Titan 2 Joint Venture, and the identification of substitute domestic products.”

Şahin also stated that studies are being conducted on product groups for Akkuyu NPP construction.

Şahin pointed out that support is obtained from TSE laboratories when preparing technical reports, saying, “As a result of the services provided by our institution as an ‘approved material organization,’ a total of 21.3 billion Turkish liras worth of domestic materials have been procured from our industrialists and used in the Akkuyu NPP Project to date. Contributions have been made to the Akkuyu NPP Project by supplying materials worth 9.6 billion Turkish liras from construction sector manufacturers and 11.7 billion Turkish liras from equipment manufacturers. Thus, our country’s industry is strengthened in the same direction and in a sustainable manner.”

source: aa.com.tr/ prepared by Melisa Beğiç

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