Domestic startup Ratic, which develops game technologies, received an investment of $5.27 million in the pre-seed round

Ratic, the domestic startup that created SuperApp with the technologies it developed for gamers, received an investment of $5.27 million in the pre-seed tour.

Ratic, a domestic startup that develops SuperApps for gamers, received an investment of $5.27 million in the pre-seed tour. OXO Finans and Alpcan Erdogan participated in the tour organized under the leadership of Arisan Ince.

Founded in April 2022 by Ali Dursun, Zeynep Dursun, Ersel R. Ekmen, Cetin Kaya Koc, Yasir Guney, and Harun Dursun, the venture does not produce games, but develops a developer kit that facilitates the inclusion of new game models and a super application that will solve the emerging needs of the players with these new models.

Ratic is actively building a revolutionary superapp for gamers, as well as a developer kit to facilitate the implementation of new game models. As of this week, the Beta version of the application Ratic Launcher is planned to be released.

Ali Dursun, CEO of the Istanbul-based venture, said, “We are excited to have the support of such open-minded investors. This funding will enable us to realize our unique vision for the gaming industry. Also, the funds raised in this round will be used to expand our company’s technical team and continue the development of Ratic Launcher and Ratic Kit. We are grateful for the support of our team, consultants, solution partners and investors who made this possible.”

Future plans of the venture include a major increase in the volume of the sector. It is planned to increase the revenues of game studios, which integrate the technologies of the enterprise, by at least 50%, thanks to the game models powered by digital finance, which they will introduce to the sector. Ratic plans to achieve a 1% dominance in the market within 5 years. It aims to generate $2 billion annually to the industry, which generates approximately $200 billion in annual revenue.

The startup will use the investment to expand its technical team and continue the development processes of the existing products, Ratic Launcher and Ratic Kit.

Source: Egirisim / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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