Eastern Black Sea exported $28.5 million worth of Turkish salmon

Turkish salmon exports from the Eastern Black Sea Region in the January-April period increased by 227% and reached $28 million 479 thousand 226.

Ismail Kobya, Member of the Board of the Eastern Black Sea Exporters Union and Chairman of the Fisheries Sector Committee, said that 4 thousand 89 tons of Turkish salmon were exported to 12 countries from the Eastern Black Sea Region.

Stating that $28 million 479 thousand 226 were obtained from these exports, Kobya noted that Turkish loaf exports increased by 234% in quantity and 227% in value compared to the same period of the previous year, which earned $8 million 700 thousand 67 for 1224 tons.

Emphasizing that the Russian Federation leads the way in the export of Turkish salmon from the Eastern Black Sea region, Kobya said, “This period, Turkish salmon was sold to Russia for $24 million 783 thousand 630. Vietnam followed Russia with $1 million 945 thousand 212 and Belarus with $1 million 191 thousand 64.”

Pointing out that $20 million 304 thousand 9 of the region’s exports are made from Trabzon, Kobya said that Turkish salmon is sold from the city to 8 countries, especially Russia.

Kobya noted that Turkish salmon exports from Trabzon increased 332% in quantity and 292% in value compared to the same period last year.

Pointing out that the interest in Turkish salmon is increasing, Kobya said that they focus on promotional activities with fair and trade delegation programs to increase market diversity.

Kobya stated that as DKIB, exports and country diversity increase with each passing month with their promotional activities in international markets, adding that they will focus on markets such as Far East countries, People’s Republic of China, Europe, USA and Canada.

Stating that the development of stable and sustainable production of Turkish salmon is very important, Kobya added that the state’s support is very important in the cage allocation and production processes, and that there is an urgent need for policies that will establish the legal infrastructures for Turkish salmon, pave the way for the sector, and expand the sector.

Source: Trthaber / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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