Eastern Black Sea Region Targets Turkish Republics in Building Sector Growth

Eastern Black Sea Exporters Association (DKIB) Chairman Saffet Kalyoncu stated that they aim to harmonize the sector with the European Green Deal within the scope of the International Competitiveness Development (UR-GE) Project they carry out.

Kalyoncu told the AA correspondent that construction and building materials exports from the Eastern Black Sea region in the first months of the year were in an upward trend.

Stating that construction and building materials were exported from the region to 59 countries in the 2 months of the year, Kalyoncu said, “$20 million 800 thousand 228 of income was obtained from the exports in question. Our exports increased by 35% compared to the same period of the previous year, when $15 million 405 thousand 659 were earned.”

Kalyoncu emphasized that construction and building materials are among the important sectors of the region and stated that its exports are improving every year.

“We want to increase sector exports to much higher figures”

Pointing out that the diversity of countries in exports has increased, Kalyoncu stated that exporting to 59 countries, especially neighboring countries, in the January-February period is an important development.

Kalyoncu stated that nearly 40% of exports were made to Georgia and continued his words as follows:

“We want to increase the sector’s exports to much higher figures. Within the scope of the UR-GE project we carry out as DKIB, we aim to both harmonize the sector with the European Green Deal and increase the export capacity of the sector. In this context, we will organize a trade delegation program for the Turkish Republics in the coming months.”

Pointing out that they believe that exports will increase with trade delegation programs, Kalyoncu noted that the Turkish Republics, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Russian Federation and Georgia are among the country markets they care about.

Source: AA / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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