Edirne Takes Lead as the Top Producer of Rice and Sunflower Seeds in 2023

Edirne, one of Turkey’s prominent agricultural production centers, claimed the title of the highest producer of rice and sunflower seeds last year, according to data from the Turkish Statistical Institute (TÜİK).

In 2023, Edirne produced 367,352 tons of rice on an area of 445,527 acres, covering 41% of the country’s total production, securing its position as the top producer.

Edirne also rose to leadership in oilseed sunflower production, achieving a yield of 257,651 tons from an area of 1,294,200 acres in 2023. This accounted for 13% of the country’s total sunflower seed production.

The city ranked third in canola production with a 14% share and fourth in wheat production with a 4% share.

Atilla Bayazıt, the Director of Agriculture and Forestry in Edirne, expressed in a statement that the city continues to play a significant role in Turkey’s plant-based production.

Highlighting the fertile soils of the region, Bayazıt stated, “After leading in rice production, we also secured the top position in sunflower seed production. In wheat production, we have risen from seventh place to fourth. We extend our gratitude to all farmers and stakeholders in the agricultural sector who contributed to this success and wish them a fruitful and prosperous production season.”

Edirne’s success in agricultural production reflects the dedication and efforts of the local farming community, contributing significantly to the nation’s agricultural landscape.

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