EU accepts Amazon commitments on data use to ensure competition

Commitments prevent Amazon from using data of independent sellers, guarantee equal access to Buy Box, Prime features of global retailer

The European Commission accepted commitments offered by Amazon on Tuesday in a case concerning data use to ensure competition.

“The European Commission has made commitments offered by Amazon legally binding under EU antitrust rules,” it said in a statement.

“Amazon’s commitments address the Commission’s competition concerns over Amazon’s use of non-public marketplace seller data and over a possible bias in granting to sellers access to its Buy Box and its Prime programme,” it added.

The commitments prevent Amazon from using data of independent sellers and ensure equal access to the Buy Box and Prime,it said.

The first formal investigation into Amazon’s use of non-public data of marketplace sellers was opened by the commission in July 2019.

It was followed by a Statement of Objections on Nov. 10 when the commission opened a second investigation on user access to the Buy Box and Prime features of the global retailer.


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