Export opportunity for Turkish manufacturers: Romania wants to import PVC pipes

An export request was sent today to TurkishExporter, Turkiye’s largest e-export platform, from Romania, which has political, economic, cultural and humanitarian ties with Turkiye.

Positive political relations and frequent contacts between Turkiye and Romania play a major role in the development of commercial and economic relations between the Turkish and Romanian private sectors. Turkiye’s B2B e-export platform TurkishExporter continues to publish import advertisements for Turkish manufacturers who can find business opportunities in Romania.

In this context, the importer company, which operates in Romania in the fields of maintenance, repair, revision, sourcing and product supply, stated that it will purchase PVC pipes from Turkiye with the advertisement it left on TurkishExporter, which allows companies to trade on a global scale.

Source: / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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