Exports exceeding $1.5 billion were made from Thrace in 9 months

Exports of $1.4 billion were made from Tekirdag, $152.8 million from Kirklareli, and $59.7 million from Edirne.

Kirklareli, Edirne and Tekirdag entered the last quarter of the year with exports of $1 billion 588 million 118 thousand 59.

According to the data of the Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM), in Thrace, where exports of $1 billion 408 million 842 thousand 47 were made in the January-September period of 2022, there was an increase of $179 million 276 thousand 12 in export figures in the same period this year.

Tekirdag, with its developing and growing industry and transportation facilities that are more than other provinces in the region, makes a significant contribution to the exports of the region.

While $1 billion 375 million 644 thousand 9 were exported from Tekirdag in 9 months, $152 million 771 thousand 35 were exported from Kirklareli and $59 million 703 thousand 15 were exported from Edirne.

In the same period last year, products worth $1 billion 229 million 644 thousand 51 were exported from Tekirdag, $128 million 830 thousand 38 from Kirklareli, and $50 million 367 thousand 58 from Edirne.

The most exported product from Tekirdag, which is the export leader of the region in sectoral exports, was ferrous and non-ferrous metals with $263 million 71 thousand 19. This sector was followed by chemical substances and products with $239 million 425 thousand 90, and electrical and electronic products with $188 million 12 thousand 11.

In Kirklareli and Edirne, the most exported products were grains, pulses, oilseeds and their products. While the export of these products was $73 million 356 thousand 24 in Kirklareli, it was $22 million 81 thousand 34 in Edirne.

The country to which Tekirdag and Kirklareli exported the most was Germany. An export of $283 million 125 thousand 9 was made to Germany from Tekirdag and $17 million 781 thousand 87 was made from Kirklareli.

While the country to which Edirne exported the most was Bosnia-Herzegovina, products worth $11 million 62 thousand 36 were sent to the country in question.

Source: AA / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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