Family technologies startup Kidolog acquired pet care application PatiWe

Continuing its rapid growth with the vision of becoming Turkiye’s first unicorn in the field of family technologies, Ankara-based Kidolog announced that it has acquired PatiWe, a mobile application that produces fast and technological solutions in order to spare more time for our paw friends in busy business lives and to maintain their happiness.

With this purchase, which was realized at the idea stage for pets and their owners, it is aimed to provide solutions to the problems of all members of the family. Kidolog, which offers solutions in the field of family technologies, increased its value fiftyfold with the investment it received in the first months of 2023. By first acquiring Readki, it aims to launch Readki, which will make reading more enjoyable for children, very soon.

Kidolog, which was incorporated by young people from METU at the idea stage, started to support families with the PatiWe application as the world’s first super app for pet care. PatiWe was founded by Mustafa Anil Benli, Omer Cakir, Elcin Kilic, Burak Onuralp Bozkurt, Furkan Zerman and Fatih Kabak, who were students at Middle East Technical University.

PatiWe broke new ground in the world by integrating artificial intelligence into the application and making it available to pet owners. With Pati-Ai, users can instantly access everything they want to know about their pets.

Eray Ugurelli, who made a statement after the purchase, thinks that PatiWe is very valuable for our pet friends so that their care is not interrupted and they receive adequate attention after busy working hours or during business trips.
He signaled that he would make new purchases and develop applications in the field of family technologies to solve the problems of every member of a family.

Kidolog, aware that the safety and health of the pawed members of our family is very important to all of us, offers a serious limitation when registering walkers and caregivers in order to solve this problem. While you are traveling or working in the office, you will be able to instantly see where and how your dog is walking, thanks to GPS tracking. Thanks to pee and poop notifications, you will be able to be aware of your dog’s routine. You will be able to see your lovely friends having a good time with instant photos.

Earn While Walking

So how can I become a dog walker? After registering on the platform with the necessary documents, you can be approved and become a dog walker. You can even filter which type and breed of dogs you want to walk. The idea of making money while walking dogs is very attractive and you can earn money from the wages you set while walking dogs. You can make some paw friends and earn money in a fun way.

Source: Egirisim / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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