Turkish Exporters Assembly Delegation Meets with Azerbaijani Business Leaders in Baku

The Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM) delegation met with business people from Azerbaijan in Baku.

Turkiye’s Baku Ambassador Cahit Bagci, TIM Deputy Chairman Ahmet Fikret Kileci, Azerbaijani officials and business people attended the opening of the event.

In his speech at the event, Ambassador Bagci said that they aim to ensure that Turkiye, which has become one of the 11 largest economies in the world according to its purchasing power quality, enters the world markets in a healthier way.

Drawing attention to Azerbaijan’s population of 10.2 million, Bagci reminded that the country has commercial activity in a wide geography from Russia to Ukraine, from Uzbekistan to Kazakhstan, due to its location. He noted that Turkish business people who want to export to this country should consider not only the needs of Azerbaijan but also the needs of the geography.

Bagci touched upon the diversification of the Turkish economy and emphasized that the country has become one of the important exporting countries in the software, hardware and defense industry.

Stating that Turkiye’s diplomatic missions provide the necessary support for Turkish exporters to access new markets, Bagci said, “We are making efforts to accurately inform our traders, exporters and producers who come to Azerbaijan. In Azerbaijan, we are in the 2nd position after Russia in terms of exports. It is not difficult to raise this second place to first place. But we shouldn’t fall into third place either.”

TIM Deputy Chairman Kileci said that they aim to further develop mutual relations with Azerbaijan in all fields.

Kileci stated that TIM is the umbrella organization representing more than 150 thousand exporters and the number of its members is increasing day by day.

Stating that they have a strong heritage and common dreams with Azerbaijan, as with the entire Turkish world, Kileci said, “Our goal is to further strengthen the trade network between the two countries within the framework of the ‘win-win’ principle. Trade with friends strengthens friendship. Although mutual trade is good with numbers, we believe that I have greater potential and we can achieve more than this.”

Kileci reminded that the heads of state set a trade volume target of $15 billion for the two countries and emphasized that they believe that they will reach this target in a short time.

At the event attended by 40 business people from Turkiye and 200 business people from Azerbaijan, bilateral meetings were held and some Turkish companies introduced their products.

Source: AA / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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