FedEx Europe to open new cargo facility at Istanbul Airport

An agreement was signed between Istanbul Airport Operator IGA and FedEx Express Europe for the construction of a new global air transportation facility.

According to the statement made by IGA, thanks to the new facility at Istanbul Airport, which is planned to be completed in November 2024, FedEx Express Europe will connect its operations in three continents.

With the construction of the facility, Istanbul Airport will further strengthen its feature of being a strategic transportation and transportation center that provides the link between Asia and Africa.

IGA Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Kadri Samsunlu, whose views are included in the statement, stated that with the completion of all phase investments of Istanbul Airport, it will create an ecosystem that will meet 5% of Turkiye’s gross national product.

Emphasizing that they will continue to add new ones every day to the works that add value to the economy, Samsunlu said:

“We are pleased to announce this collaboration with FedEx, a leading organization in the freight forwarding industry. FedEx’s selection of our airport for its new global air cargo facility demonstrates that IGA Istanbul Airport is a strategic hub not only for passengers, but also for the cargo and logistics industry. We are confident that this new facility will further reinforce the reputation of IGA Istanbul Airport and its determination to become a global hub and a gateway to the world.”

“We will pave the way for new growth opportunities”

Eser Sezek, FedEx Express Vice President of Southeast Europe, Israel and Turkiye Operations, also stated that they are very excited about the growth they have achieved at IGA Istanbul Airport. “Thus, we will have a firmer footing in this strategic location and open up new growth opportunities for customers with intercontinental trade. This initiative is also an indication of our strong and continuous commitment to our business and customers in Turkiye, which continues to strengthen as an important cargo and logistics actor.”

The new facility will include 3 parking spaces, 32 minibuses and 7 truck doors for the FedEx fleet. Thanks to its advanced technology, the facility will be able to handle 3,000 items per hour.

The number of cargo companies at Istanbul Airport reached 19

Istanbul Airport, which is the “busiest” airport in Europe and the “second busiest” airport in the world in terms of number of passengers, ranks first among the top 10 airports in Europe in terms of cargo traffic.

Istanbul Airport Cargo City and Logistics Center has a total area of 1.4 million square meters, a temporary storage area of 195 thousand square meters and a free warehouse facility of 10 thousand 800 square meters.

There are 8 temporary warehouses operating in the region, namely Turkish Cargo, PTT UPİM, MNG, DHL Express, UPS, Celebi Cargo, Havas Cargo, S Sistem, and 4 free warehouses, namely Fevzi Gandur, Unsped, Barsan and DHL Global.

With the participation of FedEx Express Europe, the number of cargo companies in Istanbul Airport Cargo City and Logistics Center will increase to 19.

Source: AA / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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