First In Europe : Three Aircraft Will Be Able To Land And Take Off At The Same Time At Istanbul Airport.

In a development, that would be considered as a first in Europe, Türkiye is preparing to install a system at Istanbul Airport that will enable three aircraft to independently land and take off simultaneously.

Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Abdulkadir Uraloğlu stated that they have been working since 2022 on the project , he said,

“Simultaneous Independent Triple Parallel Runway Operations (Triple RWY Operations TRO)” application in order to use the available resources at Istanbul Airport in the most effective way, and said, “With the implementation of the application, Istanbul Airport will be able to make independent triple landing and take-off at the same time.”

According to the European Aviation Report of the European Air Navigation Safety Organization (Eurocontrol), this airport is the busiest airport in Europe with an average of 1309 flights per day between January 29 and February 4, Uraloğlu said:

“Istanbul Airport is the apple of our eye. We need to further strengthen its position, its rights. In order to use the available resources at Istanbul Airport in the most effective way possible, work was started in 2022 for the implementation of ‘Simultaneous Independent Triple Parallel Runway Operations.”

“With the implementation of the project, Istanbul Airport will be able to make independent triple landing and take-off at the same time. We will start training on this subject next month. I think we will start trials this year. This system exists only in the USA in the world, not in Europe. When we open it in Turkey, it will be the first in Europe.”

The announcement signifies a major step toward enhancing the operational capabilities of Türkiye’s largest airport and one of the biggest civil aviation hubs in the world,aligning with the nation’s ambition to position itself as a leader in aviation infrastructure and services.

Uraloğlu said that with the introduction of this application, the flow of air traffic at Istanbul Airport will be ensured safely and quickly.

Stating that the safety analysis study of the application has been initiated by the General Directorate of State Airports Authority with the Eurocontrol Agency, Uraloğlu said,

“The works carried out in the Eurocontrol unit in France are planned to be completed this year. Turkey will be one of the few countries in the world where the application is made.”

In the current phase of development, the hub can handle 90 million passengers a year , however the airport has a potential to serve 200 million after completing all phases. All the planned four phases of the airport’s construction and expansion, including six runways, are expected to be completed by 2028.

IGA Istanbul Airport has declared 2024 the “Year of Investments”. The airport invested €160.1 million in 2023 and has announced an investment target of €656.5 million for 2024.

Enhance Diversity at Istanbul Airport

“Currently, Turkish Airlines (THY) has an impact of nearly 80 percent at Istanbul Airport. We want to increase diversity at the airport. There is demand from foreign airlines. We want to attract other airlines as well. We want to manage the process with a behavior that will not harm the position that THY has achieved now. THY is a serious brand of ours.”

Earlier, during the IGA’s 2024 press conference, Selahattin Bilgen, the Deputy CEO of IGA, was optimistic about the airport’s future growth plans, building on the success of 2023 despite certain challenges. He noted that throughout 2023, airport has received an investment of approximately $172 million (€160.1 million).

Regarding the growth plans for 2024, the company is further aiming a total investment of around €656.6 million in 2024, with €331.2 million allocated for the construction of the East-West runway and North-South runway.

Source: fl360aero

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