FloLive, Kigen team with Protahub to provide local IoT cellular connectivity in Turkiye

Cellular network and IoT connectivity providers partner with Turkish next-gen telco technology firm to provide services in region where permanent roaming is impossible and IP data must be routed locally

Hyperlocal global cellular and internet of things (IoT) network provider FloLive has teamed with subscriber identity module (SIM), embedded SIM (eSIM) and iSIM technology services firm Kigen and provisioning technologies company Protahub to offer local cellular IoT connectivity in Turkiye to its global customers, via a single global stock keeping unit.

The project is regarded a complex endeavour, as Turkiye has unique requirements for local cellular connectivity, where permanent roaming is impossible and IP data must be routed locally and in-country.

With Kigen, FloLive spent months building the ecosystem and integrating the necessary systems and platforms to serve its global customers in Turkiye. Protahub is the only local Turkish entity with the mandate to control local embedded eSIM subscription profiles, and create a complete, end-to-end offering that will allow original equipment manufacturers, global enterprises and mobile operators to obtain local IoT connectivity in Turkiye via their existing embedded universal integrated circuit card (eUICC)-compatible SIMs.

The partners said that unlike standard eUICC local profile management, the process flow in Turkiye is unique. To that end, the project will see FloLive provide its customers with a standard eUICC SIM in all form factors. When a device arrives in Turkiye, FloLive’s Connectivity Management Platform (CMP) detects the device’s location and initiates a local profile download process, via Kigen’s Remote SIM Provisioning (RSP) platform.

A subscription manager secure routing (SM-SR) swap process then takes place between Kigen’s SM-SR and Protahub’s SM-SR, and the latter party will initiate a profile download to the eSIM and validate with both platforms – Kigen’s RSP and FloLive’s CMP.

“Traditionally, anyone who needed connectivity in Turkiye had to approach the mobile network operators (MNOs) in-region directly and purchase SIM cards to install in their devices,” said Nir Shalom, FloLive CEO. “They needed to engage in a separate contract with the local MNO,use separate APIs [application programming interfaces] for integration, and at the end of the day they ended up with very limited management and control.

“With FloLive, our customers benefit from a single SKU that simplifies their logistics and supply chain, and offers a streamlined, unified global experience. During the last few months, we’ve been approached by numerous customers from OEMs to tier one mobile operators asking for a local connectivity solution in Turkiye as part of their global operations.”

Kigen CEO Vincent Korstanje added: “FloLive and Kigen are working closely together on numerous initiatives and projects, and are looking to replicate this success in other regions so that global deployments are achievable with a single SKU and a unified experience. With an eSIM, you have a strong foundation for trusted devices across multiple geographies, while complying with the local regulations.”



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