Focusing on food waste, Yenir received an investment of ₺30 million valuation

Founded with the goal of preventing food waste, Yenir received an investment of ₺30 million from Eksim Ventures.

We first told you about Yenir, which is a domestic market place application focusing on food waste, in February of last year. Founded with the goal of preventing food waste, Yenir announced that it has completed its pre-seed investment round.

According to the information conveyed by Yenir, the venture received its first investment at a valuation of ₺30 million. It was not shared how much investment was made in Yenir in the pre-seed investment round. The investment, realized over a valuation of ₺30 million, came from Eksim Ventures.

Founded by Servet Akdogan and Dolunay Kaplan in 2020, Yenir started to serve in January 2021. To remind you, Yenir opens recycling centers called Resell Hub in the regions where it serves, collects the products of contracted companies, passes them through quality control and offers them for sale at affordable prices.

In short, Yenir not only prevents food waste, but also offers consumers the opportunity to save money. According to the information conveyed by the new, the investment will be used to increase the number of the company’s Yenir Re-Sell Hubs and to prevent the waste of more products. With the increase in the number of Yenir Re-Sell Hubs, it is aimed to accelerate the growth momentum of Yenir and to provide a wider range of solutions to the companies it cooperates with.

The initiative, which plans to prevent 1,000,000 tons of wastage annually in every region it serves in Turkiye until 2025, aims to prove its business model in Turkiye within 2 years and to initiate the same transformation abroad. Let’s add that Yenir has started the necessary work with its partners and partners to start the international operation.

Source: Webrazzi / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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