Fuel Prices Drop: Gasoline and Diesel Discounts Expected (Current Prices as of May 6, 2024)

Fluctuation in Brent oil prices… After the discount on LPG (autogas), the prices of gasoline and diesel will also decrease. A discount of around ₺1.5 is expected for gasoline and diesel. What are the gasoline diesel (diesel) prices on May 6, 2024, what are the current fuel prices in TL? How much is the liter price of gasoline, the liter price of diesel and the price of autogas, how much is diesel fuel?

Fuel prices also vary with changes in Brent oil prices and foreign exchange. Following the ₺1.64 reduction in autogas prices, news also came for gasoline and diesel. A discount of around ₺1.5 is expected on gasoline and diesel prices, effective from midnight on Tuesday.

Current fuel prices


  • Gasoline: ₺43.98
  • Diesel: ₺41.39


  • Gasoline price: ₺44.87
  • Diesel price: ₺42.32


  • Gasoline price: ₺45.11
  • Diesel price: ₺42.57

Source: Dunya.com / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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