HrPanda, the new generation recruitment management system, received an investment of $250 thousand

HrPanda plans to stand out among recruitment management systems with its modern interface and artificial intelligence-supported modules.

HrPanda, the new generation ATS (Candidate Tracking System) platform founded by Hilal Atac Arikan and Murat Odemis, received a seed investment of $250 thousand from Koray Gultekin Bahar in the first round.

At the same time, hrPanda, strengthened by the technology investment and partnership of Univenn Startup Studio, founded by Murat Odemis, became operational as of 2024.

HrPanda, with its artificial intelligence support modules, it allows you to access the right profiles in a short time. It offers a high-level experience to employers and job seekers by combining all your recruitment processes on a single platform. The new generation ATS platform optimizes recruitment processes, making the entire process faster, more efficient and objective, allowing companies to manage their resources more effectively.

HrPanda also positions the product as a CRM tool in recruitment processes and involves the entire team in the process. With this feature, easy and effective communication is established between team members, candidates and processes.

HrPanda Founding Partner Hilal Atac Arikan said;

“For more than 18 years, I have been involved in all department and process setup of Human Resources, investment, company sales processes and later company transfer & transformation projects in both corporate, technology and startup ecosystems. Both the fact that many companies do not use technological infrastructures and the cumbersomeness of existing systems led us to this project. We want to solve this problem with our experience, technology, artificial intelligence and a modern product.”

Founding Partner Dr. Murat Odemis said in his statement about the investment;

“Our goal is for the project to be one of the first products that come to mind in its field globally. For this reason, we combined Hilal Atac Arikan’s experience in Human Resources with my and my team’s good product development experience. At the same time, we are literally incorporating artificial intelligence, which is my doctoral expertise, into the project. We strive to ensure that artificial intelligence is at the core of HrPanda as an empowerer. We are currently providing predictions in the application creation and candidate evaluation sections with our Artificial Intelligence algorithms. At the same time, there are many features such as talent scouting plugin and involving the team in the process. I believe that we will make a global impact with the product that continues to improve and make a difference with our technology.”

Koray Bahar, the seed investor of the project, said the following about this investment:

“I believe that with the experience of Hilal and Murat, a great product has emerged and will develop. I am very happy to support an innovative technology in this new era when we experience the importance of finding talent.”

Source: Egirisim / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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