Ice cream vendor introduces Turkish treat to World Cup fans in Doha

Fans in Doha form long queues to taste Maras ice cream made from goat’s milk

A Turkish ice cream vendor in Qatar’s capital Doha, where World Cup fans from around the world have gathered, has used the event to introduce traditional Turkish ice cream.

Long queues have formed in front of Harun Ardag’s ice cream stand in Doha’s commercial center to taste Maras ice cream, an authentic Turkish treat made from goat’s milk.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency, Ardag said: “Although Turkiye did not participate in the World Cup, we participated. We represent Turkiye with its ice cream, and we introduce Maras ice cream to the world with its taste and show.”

Noting that the fans who came to Qatar for the World Cup, especially South Americans, have a great interest in ice cream, he said that “fans from Brazil, Argentina and Chile enjoy the show during the sale and have a lot of fun.”

Turkish ice cream sellers are famous for their acrobatic tricks, including flipping cones, while serving the tasty treats.


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