IGA signed an agreement with TRU company for lounge food and beverage services at Istanbul Airport

TRU Hospitality Services and Retail Group undertook the operation of the lounge food and beverage areas of Istanbul Airport.

According to the statement made by IGA, the IGA Lounge, which serves on the domestic and international departures floors of Istanbul Airport, will feature the flavors of Turkish cuisine. Passengers will be offered a unique taste experience in the kitchen led by Chef Cigdem Seferoglu, a famous name in the gastronomy world.

TRU Hospitality Services and Retail Group Chief Executive (CEO) Sadettin Cesur, whose views were included in the statement, said that as of this year, operations such as the operation of food and beverage areas, hotel management, city operations, in-flight catering services, lounge management and event organizations have been gathered under one roof in order to meet the expectations of the guests at the highest level.

Expressing his satisfaction with the cooperation with IGA, Cesur said, “We took a step towards globalization by aiming to incorporate national and international brands. With TRU’s TR, we emphasize that we are on a global scale as a brand born in Turkiye. The U is ‘You First’, meaning our focus is on people. Both our employees and our guests are included in this definition. We treat all our passengers as guests. We offer real Turkish hospitality to our guests. In this sense, our collaboration with Chef Cigdem Seferoglu, a famous name in the gastronomy world, is very important. We aim to offer our guests unforgettable experiences.”

Selahattin Bilgen, Deputy Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of IGA, stated that they continue their elite service approach with a brand new experience in line with the feedback and suggestions they receive from their guests.

Bilgen explained that as the operator of Istanbul Airport, which has quickly become one of the most prestigious airports in the world, they are with their guests in every aspect from the beginning to the end of their journey. “With the cooperation of TRU Hospitality & Retail Company, IGA Istanbul Airport lounges will be an indispensable place for meal breaks with its new menu and exclusive tastes suitable for every palate, I am sure of this. At IGA Lounge, we are pleased to offer our passengers the highest standard of food and beverage experience, and with this change, to offer the unique flavors of Turkish cuisine to our guests in our lounges.”

Source: AA / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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