In 8 months, 205 thousand tons of hazelnuts were exported from Turkiye

Hamza Bölük, President of the National Hazelnut Council, stated that 205 thousand tons of hazelnuts were sold from Turkey during the 8-month period of the 2023-2024 export season.

Hamza Bölük, who is also the President of the Giresun Commodity Exchange, told AA correspondent that the export season, which began on September 1, 2023, would end on August 31, 2024.

Last season, Bölük stated that 294 thousand tons of hazelnuts were sent to various countries. “We expect a similar level of exports this year as well. As of April 21, 205 thousand tons of hazelnuts have been sold. We hope that exports will continue between 80-85 thousand tons in the following period. I believe that revenue of 1.8-2 billion dollars will be generated from exports,” he said.

Bölük emphasized that Turkish exporters aim for increased hazelnut sales and consequently increased revenue. “The export process is continuing as expected this season. We hope for an increase in our exports and revenue. Our efforts and initiatives continue to achieve this,” he said.

“When chocolate consumption decreases, hazelnut consumption will automatically decrease.”

Bölük stated that they closely monitor developments in the chocolate sector due to the increase in cocoa prices.

Highlighting that hazelnuts are one of the most important raw materials in chocolate like cocoa, Bölük said:

“There are serious problems in chocolate production related to cocoa. The increase in cocoa prices also leads to a significant increase in chocolate prices. This increase also reduces chocolate consumption. Ultimately, trade establishes a balance between supply and demand. When prices are high, consumption decreases. This situation negatively affects our exports. When chocolate consumption decreases, hazelnut consumption will automatically decrease. Of course, this also negatively affects our exports.

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