Incubation center for game startups from Entertech Istanbul Technopolis: Gamenter

Entertech Istanbul Technopolis gaming cluster Gamenter opened its doors to the Turkish entrepreneurial ecosystem with the event held recently. Gamenter aims to create a living space where gaming initiatives are nourished by diversity and grow together. Along with game developers, it also includes startups that produce assistive technologies for the game.

Gamenter opening event started with the speeches of Dr. Muhammed Kasapoglu, General Manager of Istanbul Technopolis. In his speech, Mr. Kasapoglu gave examples from the Global and Turkish game ecosystems and emphasized that “Gamenter will be a dynamic structure that provides access to all the resources a game startup needs”.

Turkish Game Developers Association (TOGED) Secretary General, Associate Professor Emek Baris Kepenek, drew attention to the importance of clusters and Gamenter-like structures in the Turkish game ecosystem in his keynote speech.

Sebahattin Akay, the founder of Roko Game, who has been operating under Entertech since 2020, conveyed the importance of being in a cluster for game startups and the advantages they will gain with Gamenter, by referring to his own story and the difficulties he experienced. At the end of his speech, he stated that as Roko Game, they will always support Gamenter startups in transferring experience.

After the speeches, Gamenter initiatives Team V Games, Frosy Games, Visio-XR, Pax Animi Games and the Fifth Rule made presentations. The presentations were followed with interest by the participants, including Bogazici Ventures and Ludus VC.

The Gamenter office, which draws attention with its atmosphere and graffiti works, was opened with a ribbon cutting. From now on, Gamenter will continue to grow and make a name for itself with international accelerator, pre-incubation and important events that will contribute to the game ecosystem.

Source: Egirisim / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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