Interaktif Kredi received investment at a valuation of $6 million in the seed round

Interaktif Kredi gives companies the ability to make decisions like a bank when choosing customers who pay on deferred payments. Thanks to the new generation artificial intelligence applications it produces, it ensures the effective use of financial technologies by performing credit scoring.

Thus, by creating a safe trading area for themselves, companies achieve a significant decrease in the doubtful receivables item in their financial statements and create added value.

It creates credit profiles for its individual users using data analytics and artificial intelligence business model. It makes it easier for its users to get loans and ensures that they can only receive approved loan offers from banks. It teaches personal financial literacy to its users, whose loans cannot be approved, through the system and provides them with access to a profile that can use credit.

Alesta Yatırım, Former General Manager of Interbank Card Center Sertac Ozinal, ITU ARI Teknokent, Betul Ozer, Berkin Ozer and Keiretsu Forum Turkiye investors participated in the seed investment round of Interaktif Kredi. With the investments it received, the company’s latest valuation increased to $6 million.

Former BKM General Manager Sertac Ozinal, who was already among the investors by purchasing shares in the pre-seed investment round and bought shares again in the seed investment round;

“I gladly invested in Interaktif Kredi company, which I believe will be a leading player in the credit rating ecosystem of companies and individual users, under the leadership of Cesur Olcenoglu and Mustafa Gumus, whose founders left a very positive impression on me. Interaktif Kredi is now a candidate to become a globally successful Unicorn company with its successful results in the short term, its effective use of artificial intelligence in evaluation processes, and its positive contributions to the finance sector.”

The other existing investor is Ibrahim Ozer, the owner of Alesta Yatirim, which also acquired new shares in this round.

“We decided to invest due to the company’s innovative approach in the field of credit rating based on technologies such as innovation, data analytics and artificial intelligence, its growth potential and the experience of its founders in this field.”

Source: Egirisim / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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