Kazlicesme-Sirkeci line will be opened by the end of the year

Minister Uraloglu said the following about the Kazlicesme-Sirkeci line:

“We create the general concept of the projects of spreading public transportation and bicycle use in cities and pedestrianization, and we attach great importance to its development. Kazlicesme-Sirkeci Urban Transportation and Recreation Focused Transformation Project is one of the best examples of this. We are making the necessary improvements on the 8.3-kilometer line, which is currently idle between Sirkeci and Kazlicesme, and put it into use with 8 stations. In this project, there are 7 km of bicycle and pedestrian paths, 10 thousand 120 square meters of square and recreation area, 6 thousand square meters of closed social and cultural area, 74 thousand square meters of new green space, 22 underpasses for vehicle and pedestrian crossings, 4 historical stations, namely Yedikule, Kocamustafapasa, Yenikapi, Kumkapi, 2 stations to be renewed, Sirkeci and Cankurtaran, and 2 new stations in Kazlicesme and Cerrahpasa. In the 215 thousand square meter working area, one side of the railway line will be used by trains when the project is completed, and the other side will be arranged as a pedestrian walking area, bicycle, scooter track, resting and recreation areas. 123 thousand square meters of land, that is, 57%, of the land that was used only for the railway, will be opened for the use of our citizens on foot.”

Travel time will be 20-25 minutes

Stating that the economic gain of the expeditions between 2023 and 2053 will be €800 million, Minister Uraloglu said, “We foresee an average of 20-25 minutes on the Sirkeci-Kazlicesme rail system line. At the moment, we have made more than 90% physical progress on the project. We have completed all infrastructure manufacturing. We have completed the construction works at the stations, we continue the electrical and mechanical works. After the test stages, we aim to put the line into operation by the end of the year.”

Source: Trthaber / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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