Latest Dollar and Euro Exchange Rates in Turkish Market (May 10, 2024)

How many TL is Dollar – Euro? What was the dollar exchange rate last time? The latest situation in foreign exchange rates in the interbank market…

Exchange rates continue their horizontal course due to the increasing foreign interest.

Dollar/TL is traded at 32.25 today. Euro/TL finds buyers around 34.78.

Minister of Treasury and Finance Mehmet Simsek announced that the public savings and measures package will be announced on Monday.

Emphasizing that they will not increase taxes, Simsek said, “Inflation will come down permanently.”

The unemployment rate in Turkiye decreased by 0.1 point to 8.6% in March compared to the previous month. The youth unemployment rate was announced as 15.1%, with a decrease of 0.4%.

Industrial production index decreased by 0.3% on a monthly basis in March and increased by 4.3% on an annual basis.

Yesterday, the Central Bank (CBRT) increased its year-end inflation forecast by 2 points to 38%, citing the fact that the inflation in the first four months was above the forecasts.

CBRT predicted that the peak in inflation would be around 75-76% in May.

The improvement in the Central Bank reserves continued. The Central Bank’s net international reserves increased by $7 billion to $21 billion last week, ending May 3.

Analysts say that the CBRT continues to accumulate foreign exchange at a record pace this week.

Turkiye’s 5-year credit risk premium (CDS) fell to its lowest level since February 2020, with 276 basis points yesterday.

Source: NTV / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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