Laton Ventures Launches $35 Million Fund for Gaming Startups

Laton Ventures received a total investment of $35 million for its first fund, which was created to invest in gaming startups in Turkiye and around the world.

Coming from the gaming and interactive entertainment industry, the Laton Ventures team aims to have a leading investor position on a global scale in the sector by using Turkiye’s central position in these fields. Laton Ventures, which established its first fund based in the Netherlands, positions itself as a bridge between the global gaming industry and Turkiye by making investments not only in Turkiye but all over the world.

Laton Ventures invests in teams; aims to make a significant contribution to the growth of these companies by providing in-depth operational consultancy in many areas such as marketing strategy, game design, software and data analysis. The investment team and experienced consultant staff, which stands out with their experience in the sector, constitute the most important part of this model. In this way, Laton stands out as a preferred partner among both early-stage game startup founders and investors. Although the Laton team has a mobile gaming background, in addition to mobile game investments, it also plans to invest in game developers on other platforms such as PC, artificial intelligence solutions related to the gaming industry and promising technological systems.

Gorkem Turk, co-founder of Laton Ventures, said:

“Thanks to our position as a bridge between Turkiye and the global gaming ecosystem and the operational consultancy model we offer, we provide access to the best investment opportunities from all over the world, including Turkiye. We are very excited about supporting teams that we believe will achieve success on a global scale.” Laton has made a total of 5 investments in the past 6 months, 2 in Turkiye, 2 in Europe and 1 in America. Laton has gained an important position among founders and investors in a short time, as startups prefer Laton in competitive investment rounds and have made joint investments with leading funds around the world.

Gorkem Turk, who previously worked as Game and Startup Sector Manager at Google, is the founder and leader of Laton Ventures. In addition, Laton has an experienced investment team with experience in important companies such as Peak Games and Boston Consulting Group. Another feature that puts Laton in a special position is that it has the support of more than 20 experienced names who have achieved great success in the gaming and technology sectors. Laton’s investors include strong names such as Gram Games Founding Partner Mehmet Ecevit, Loop Games Founder Mert Gur, Yemeksepeti Founder Nevzat Aydın, Zynga Turkiye General Manager Bugra Koc and Gossamer Founder Eric Kress, Ruby Games Founder Mert Can Kurum, Hummingbird Ventures Managing Partner Fırat İleri. Some of these names also actively support their portfolio companies within the scope of the operational consultancy model offered by Laton.

Another exciting development is that Supercell, the creator of hit games such as Clash of Clans and Clash Royal, has invested in Laton Ventures as a company. As far as we know, this investment is Supercell’s first investment in the Turkish gaming ecosystem. In addition, many important financial institutions, including 100. Yıl Venture Capital (technology startup investment arm of Turkiye Is Bankasi), are among Laton’s investors.

Founder Gorkem Turk said, “While the gaming industry continues to recruit highly skilled human resources, the number of global players has reached an all-time high. We believe that this is the beginning of a very exciting period for the gaming industry.”

Source: Egirisim / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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