Heybooster Secures €770 Thousand in Investment Round Led by Ak Portfolio

Heybooster, a graduate of the 11th Workup Entrepreneurship program, whose seed investment round news we shared in 2023, received an investment of €770 thousand in the round led by Ak Portfolio, including StartersHub, Arz Portfolio and Lima Ventures and Leap Investment, which made follow-up investments.

Heybooster, preferred as the data analysis platform by Turkiye’s largest e-commerce brands such as MediaMarkt, e-bebek, Derimod, and D&R, is a data analysis platform that analyzes marketing data of e-commerce companies, enabling marketing teams to be informed about opportunities and follow up on actions.

The algorithms they developed automatically analyze hundreds of metrics on marketing, product and user behavior every day, highlighting opportunities that can impact revenue.

Neslihan Emikoglu, co-founder of heybooster, said about the development process of the company;

“In the first version of heybooster, which we developed with our core team from the idea stage, we could only capture data. With heybooster 2.0, we started to make sense of the data. As for heybooster 3.0, we will transform it into a technology where you can follow the actions and constantly communicate with the marketing solutions you use with its public API.”

Sahin Secil, the other co-founder of heybooster, said in his statement;

“E-commerce teams have to use many platforms at the same time to see opportunities, and brands that do not have a dedicated data analyst for the marketing team in their teams cannot benefit from the power of algorithms when optimizing their advertising budgets. With heybooster, we enable the entire team to see opportunities on a single platform and take quick action. During the 2-year development process, we have developed and continue to improve our algorithms by working with Turkiye’s largest e-commerce brands. With the investment, we will continue to grow with a SaaS focus by expanding into the American market, where competition is high.”

Source: Egirisim / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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