Local cloud kitchen startup Rafinera Cloud Kitchen received an investment of $550 thousand

Among those who have invested in RCK in this round are the important names of the business world such as Yemeksepeti Founder Nevzat Aydin, Emre Karaca and Damla Sener Akkaynak.

Making a difference in the cloud kitchen sector with its unique business model, Rafinera Cloud Kitchen has completed the first slice of its second investment round. In this round, which was realized with the participation of all existing investors, the valuation of the venture exceeded ₺400 million. With the investment it has received, the company aims to expand throughout the country and further strengthen its technological infrastructure.

Among Rafinera Cloud Kitchen partners, besides important angel investors, there are valuable strategic names such as Yemeksepeti founding partner and former CEO Nevzat Aydin, Karaca Group and Cookplus Board Member Emre Karaca, Sera Group (TAV Airports, TAV Construction, Humm Organic) CFO & Board Member Damla Sener Akkaynak, Diler Holding Board Chairman Fatma Tuba Yazici, Vera Capital Founder and Managing Partner Ahmet Ozokur, Kona Capital Founder and Managing Partner Kagan Cevik, Ortadogu Inc. Founder and CEO Aydin Harezi, and and Credia Partners.

Noting that they have created a very different cloud kitchen model with RCK, Rafinera Cloud Kitchen CEO Didem Altinbasak Tulgan said;

“As Rafinera, we have taken our 15 years of experience in the takeaway food industry to the next level with RCK. Thanks to the use of the central kitchen, our model requires a very low investment cost for new locations. In addition, thanks to our model, we can centrally control many parameters that will affect customer satisfaction and keep our service quality at the desired point. In this way, we do not compromise on quality and taste as well as the cost advantage we create. Our short-term goal is to increase our expansion in Istanbul, to increase the number of our brands to 50 and to implement our franchise system.”

Pointing out that they invested in the food-tech concept that brings technology and food together, Tulgan said,

“We aim to accelerate our data mining process with the software we have developed. If handled correctly, data is the most important and most valuable asset today. Based on this, we focused on our R&D processes in order to both provide better service and increase efficiency.”

Developed with the 16 years of experience of Rafinera, the door-to-door package system, Rafinera Cloud Kitchen consists of a central kitchen and many satellite kitchens connected to this kitchen. At Rafinera Cloud Kitchen, which takes orders only through food platforms in Istanbul, the pre-prepared meals in the central kitchen are finalized in satellite kitchens and delivered via couriers.

In the system, since satellite kitchens serve many RCK brands at the same time and couriers are used jointly, expenses are divided and cost advantage is provided. This provides customers with the opportunity to deliver higher quality food at more affordable prices. Rafinera Cloud Kitchen still has 25 active brands that appeal to different tastes. These brands are: Nera Burger, Kila Burger, Piti Ravioli, Taco Baila, Kofteci Basri, Cennet Hanim Ravioli House, Tosyali Pilavci, Mint Salat Shop, Pizza Portas, Meshur Kavacik Donercisi, Cambaz Street Flavors, Kronos Burges & Sandwiches, Firtina Buffet, Dide Pide, Inegolcu Latif Usta, Tostica, Gina Bowl, Fresh’n Zen, Leyna Falafel, Mezepoly, Mochitta, Meatball 33, Kanattown, Yanda Rice and Wrapetito.

Source: Egirisim / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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