Local gaming startup Arvis Games received an investment of $500 thousand under the leadership of Bogazici Ventures

The experience of the founders of Bogazici Ventures in the gaming industry and their active involvement in the ecosystem contribute significantly to the rapid and sustainable growth and success of the invested companies and the gaming fund.

Bogazici Ventures has invested in and 10 of 25 startups in its portfolio develop projects in the gaming industry and related fields.

Bogazici Ventures, one of Turkiye’s leading venture capital investment companies with its successful investments in the game industry and the initiatives it supports, announced that it has invested in Arvis Games, one of the leading studios in the mid-core game genre. Arvis Games, which completed the seed investment round with the participation of Re-pie and an angel investor under the leadership of Bogazici Ventures, closed the round with a total investment of $500 thousand.

Arvis Games, which operates both in Canada and Istanbul and has a vision of making mid-core games with high IP value, was founded in 2019 by Atakan Cankorur, Simon Karatas, Tuna Pamir and Arda Cevik.

Arvis Games’ focus is on strategy-type games, which have an important position in the game industry with their deep game mechanics and long-term loyalty creation features. It stands out among its competitors by combining Turkiye’s potential in the game industry and its knowledge of appealing to large audiences with a detailed game design approach. Games developed by Arvis Games stand out with their remarkable graphic designs, deep storyline gameplay and impressive gameplay mechanics. With its 9 add-on packs, ‘Board Royale’ board game, it made a successful debut worldwide.

Arvis Games, which has the technology to develop and test mid-core games very quickly with the advanced software infrastructure they have established, is currently working on a mobile card game that takes place in Board Royale IP. Arvis Games Co-Founder Simon Karatas, about this seed round investment realized with the leading investment of Bogazici Ventures

“Mid-core games, which can bring the strongest gaming experiences to the widest audience, will mark the near future and we are rapidly moving towards creating a global IP by adding our country’s rapid prototyping and testing know-how to our strong game design muscles. In this context, it is very valuable for us to see an institution like Bogazici Ventures with a very strong gaming know-how and Network among us.”

Atakan Cankorur, another co-founder and CEO of Arvis Games, made a statement about the investment;

“As Arvis Games, we have been trying to provide our players with experiences that cannot be experienced in real life since the day we were founded. We believe that we can make these experiences in midcore and above games. We are confident that our country will achieve very important successes in the midcore field as well as in other fields. As Arvis Games, we strive to be the accelerator of this process.”

Making a valuable contribution to strengthening the national entrepreneurship ecosystem and the success of innovative projects, Bogazici Ventures will continue to make new investments in the rest of 2023 with its venture investments and funds that invest in technology or managed with technology under the umbrella of BV Portfolio subsidiary.

Source: Egirisim / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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