Scoutli, which provides team management services for e-sports organizations, received investment from Alesta

Scoutli, a data analytics, scouting and team management platform for e-sports organizations, received investment from Alesta.

Alesta Electronic Technology Investment Inc. continues its investments in early stage technology startups with high growth potential, in line with its investment strategy, with Scoutli.

Alesta’s new venture invested in Scoutli, which provides data analytics, scouting and team management platform services for e-sports organizations, with a valuation of ₺7.42 million.

Scoutli, the one-stop shop for everything related to e-sports, offers advanced analytics, player ratings and a comprehensive player database; It provides teams with information on their financials, key dates, player data and more. It facilitates e-sports events by providing reliable data with tournament performance, player tracking and player performance reporting.

Ibrahim Ozer, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Alesta Alesta Electronic Technology Investment Inc., said, “In addition to the venture investments we have made in a wide range from cybersecurity to biotechnology, from SaaS platforms to battery technologies and online therapies, we continue to support early-stage technology initiatives. We are happy to take our place in the rapidly growing and developing e-sports market, where the new generation young people show great interest, with the Scoutli investment. I believe that Scoutli will become an important player in the market by raising its current targets with the new investment.”

Source: Egirisim / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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