Local Ready Meal Company Receives World Cup Invitation from Saudi Arabia

Hüseyin Bozdağ, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Yemek İstanbul, stated to AA correspondent that they provide ready meal services to 215,000 people daily with 3,500 staff in various countries around the world.

Bozdağ emphasized that they were the only company with a FIFA badge at the 2022 FIFA World Cup held in Qatar, mentioning that they provided meal services at four stadiums during the tournament and were certified by FIFA.

Highlighting that they are the only Turkish company among the few companies providing meal services at sports events worldwide, Bozdağ said, “We have been invited by the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Sports both within the framework of the country’s 2030 vision and for the organization of the 2034 FIFA World Cup.”

Bozdağ explained that they would complete the establishment of companies in Saudi Arabia and signed an agreement with one of the 25 companies operating airports in the region.

“We not only cook meals, but also export goods” Bozdağ pointed out that each country has its own unique palate, saying, “In Qatar, we brought together the taste buds of 22 nations in one soup. But we are very lucky. The Ottoman Empire was very influential in these regions. It left a taste. Chicken is the same chicken, rice is the same rice. We don’t have much trouble with the menus we create in that region.”

Stating that they provide meals for large organizations both abroad and in Turkey, Bozdağ expressed that they serve in over 65 cities in Turkey.

Bozdağ mentioned that they organized meal services at the 2023 Asia Cup and will do so for the Formula 1 2024 season, saying, “We are one of the most important companies targeted for these. The most important example of this is the memorandum of understanding we signed with the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Sports. We not only cook meals, but also export goods to the world. When we take our food, we also take industrial kitchen equipment. Thus, we provide exports to the steel sector and textile sector with uniforms. I’m not even mentioning the food. From tomatoes to cucumbers, from meat to chicken, from eggs, we export. We use glass, ceramics. We activate professional committees in Turkey for all of these and accelerate exports significantly.”

source: prepared by Melisa Beğiç

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