Local Startup Retter Secures $1.5 Million Investment for Serverless AI Technologies

Retter, a local startup specializing in serverless and artificial intelligence-supported technologies, received an investment of $1.5 million in the round led by Inveo Ventures and Bogazici Ventures. Several angel investors also participated in the round.

Offering open source ready-made wallets, fast delivery systems, promotion and loyalty systems to large institutions such as Starbucks Turkiye, Unilever, Emirates Leisure Retail, Dogus Group, Koc Group, A101, Costa Coffee UAE and Gratis, enables its users to save time and costs.

Founded as a software company by Baran Baygan in 2014, Retter accelerated its growth processes in 2020 when Emre Oget joined the company as the “Partner Responsible for Operations”.

The startup has started its productization process as of 2022 and has become a prominent company among “serverless software platforms” as AWS Advanced Partner. provides products and services to more than 20 retail brands, especially in Turkiye and the MENA region, by simplifying “cloud-native” software development processes on AWS through its own product and infrastructure abstraction platform, it significantly shortens development times and cloud costs and provides savings of up to 70% to its customers.

Retter Platform platform, which can also be installed as SaaS, can provide great advantages by saving in terms of cloud costs and IT human resources expenses, thanks to its serverless architecture that can be installed and run on companies’ own cloud accounts. As of 2024, Retter has also started to offer SaaS solutions in the field of retail and e-commerce with its 100% subsidiary Mircate brand, focusing on productive artificial intelligence.

Pointing out that they will grow in global markets, especially in the MENA region, with the investment tour, founder Baran Baygan said;

“At Retter, we will use this first round of investment strategically to continue leading innovation in the industry. This investment will give great impetus to our growth in international markets, especially in the MENA region, by maturing our products, moving generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) from a supporter of our products to a more central position, expanding our multi-cloud support and sales-marketing muscles. Our aim is to increase the cost optimization of the institutions we work with and transform their investments in digital transformation processes to obtain faster and more valuable results. With this investment led by Bogazici Ventures and Inveo, we aim to strengthen our position in the sector and offer our products and solutions to wider audiences.”

Source: Egirisim / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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