Local startup that increases the efficiency of companies by simplifying complex user flows: Searchbase

Local startup Searchbase’s artificial intelligence technology increases the efficiency of companies by adding a new dimension to customer experience.

Searchbase, which enables B2B companies to develop their own AI Copilots and integrate them into their products, aims to increase the efficiency of companies by simplifying complex user flows.

This copilot allows end users to perform the actions they want with simple prompts. This innovative approach simplifies complex user flows, increases conversion rates and facilitates the onboarding process that allows new users to meet and become familiar with a product or service.

The local startup, which started as an AI-based search engine for teams, decided to pivot after meetings with more than 70 companies and became a platform where high-growth B2B startups can develop and deploy their own AI Copilots.

Searchbase’s customers are mostly fast-growing B2B startups. After completing the very fast integration process, these companies make AI Copilot ready for use for their end users. For example, a user can quickly complete the process of obtaining reports, which takes 30-40 minutes in a BI or CRM software, by saying the report he wants and the parameters he wants to follow. In addition, the fact that an intelligent AI Copilot helps users in this way significantly reduces the burden on support mechanisms, positively affecting business processes.

In addition to the AI Copilot product, the Searchbase team also trains new artificial intelligence models, and these models help businesses meet customer needs faster and more effectively, focus on more strategic areas, increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, and ultimately achieve higher profitability. The startup aims to open an office in San Francisco at the end of December 2023 and plans to increase the team to 5 people by April 2024.

Searchbase has also made the library open source, which is used in more than 1000 projects both internally and for customers.

Thanks to this library, companies developing new AI technologies can use an embedding model that performs better than OpenAI’s embedding model at no cost, and can perform indexing and searching operations on their users’ computers without paying hundreds of dollars a month to vector databases such as Pinecone. Since everything happens on the user’s computer, it can run 10 times faster than alternatives.

Well, if you ask who created Searchbase: The name behind Searchbase’s success is its founder, Yusuf Hilmi. Yusuf’s interest and passion for technology dates back to when he started repairing computers in his uncle’s computer repair shop at the age of 11. Yusuf, who studied Computer Engineering at Istanbul Technical University, left school to realize his dream of establishing his own enterprise.

Continuing to improve himself during this period, Yusuf was accepted to a prestigious fellowship program such as Z Fellows. Z Fellows is a community of young entrepreneurs from Ivy League universities such as Harvard, MIT and Stanford. This program provided Yusuf with the opportunity to build a global network and receive investment from Z Fellows founder Cory Levy.

Searchbase was also one of the startups selected for QNBEYOND’s 5th Term Acceleration Program.

Source: Egirisim / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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