Local startup that increases the workforce management and productivity of companies: MonitUp

MonitUp is a software that monitors the daily computer activities of employees, measures their productivity and helps them increase their productivity by providing artificial intelligence suggestions.

MonitUp is a software that aims to track the daily computer activities of employees, measure their productivity and provide artificial intelligence-supported suggestions for improvement by addressing the main challenges of companies in workforce management and increasing productivity.

Founded by Faruk Durak in Istanbul in November 2020, MonitUp offers businesses an important tool in terms of productivity increase and workforce management, especially in today’s increasingly remote working environments.

Key features of MonitUp

Productivity Monitoring: MonitUp helps businesses measure and analyze employee productivity. By scheduling unproductive activities, businesses can identify areas for improvement, reduce distractions, and increase overall efficiency.

Performance Evaluation: MonitUp enables employers to evaluate individual and team performance based on objective data. By tracking employee performance through data such as work hours, task completion times, and application usage, it can identify top performers and identify gaps and provide additional support or training.

Remote Work Management: MonitUp helps organizations monitor and manage employee productivity and activities in a remote work environment. This ensures accountability and maintains efficiency regardless of physical location.

Data-Driven Decision Making: MonitUp helps organizations optimize productivity, resource allocation and workflow management by collecting and analyzing data on employee activities. Insights from MonitUp help identify bottlenecks in processes and implement targeted improvements.

Advanced features of MonitUp

Advanced Monitoring Capabilities: MonitUp uses cutting-edge technology to monitor employee computer activities in real time. It provides comprehensive insights into employee productivity and behavior by providing detailed information such as app usage, website visits, and time spent on tasks.

AI-Powered Analytics: MonitUp uses AI to analyze collected data to generate meaningful insights. AI algorithms identify patterns, trends, and productivity indicators, making it easier for organizations to make data-driven decisions for performance optimization.

Customizable Monitoring and Alerts: MonitUp allows organizations to tailor monitoring parameters to their specific needs. Employers can define productivity thresholds, set alerts for unproductive behavior, and customize monitoring settings based on unique business needs.

User-Friendly Interface: MonitUp has an intuitive and user-friendly interface. In this way, employers can quickly and effectively analyze employee productivity by accessing monitoring data easily. The platform provides a better understanding of employee productivity with clear visualizations, reports and dashboards.

Compliance and Data Security: MonitUp places great emphasis on data security and privacy regulations. It uses security measures to protect sensitive employee information and conducts monitoring activities in a secure and compliant manner.

The future of MonitUp

MonitUp aims to become an important tool for measuring and improving the physical, mental and mental health of employees by further strengthening the artificial intelligence side. It aims to provide organizations with a more holistic employee perspective by presenting important reports such as employees who are at risk of burnout, are considering quitting or are demotivated. It aims to increase the employee satisfaction and productivity of the organizations by offering suggestions to measure and improve the well-being of the employees with the collected data.

In addition, we aim to provide suggestions to measure and improve the physical, mental and mental health of employees using the collected data. Thus, organizations will be able to make more informed decisions to support employee well-being and improve business performance.

“The website is used to review reports. You can make choices specific to your company, such as company working hours, screenshots, efficient and inefficient applications, notification settings.” We want to strengthen the artificial intelligence side more and report whether there are any employees who have Burnout, who are considering quitting, or whose motivation is low. In addition, we aim to offer suggestions to measure and improve the physical, mental and mental health of employees with the data we collect.”

Local startup MonitUp took its place among the 71 startups participating in the Big Bang Startup Challenge 2022. You can follow all developments related to the initiative from us.

Source: Egirisim / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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