March 19 Gold Prices: Gram and Quarter Gold Coin Rates

Gold prices are wondered by investors. It is being investigated how much gram gold and quarter gold prices are today. An ounce of gold is traded around $2 thousand 155 in the international market. The current gram gold and quarter gold exchange rate prices dated March 19, 2024 have also been announced. So, what are the gold prices? How much are gram gold and quarter gold prices today?

Gold prices had limited movement before the interest rate decision to be announced by the US Federal Reserve (Fed) tomorrow.

An ounce of gold was traded around $2,155 with a decrease of 0.23 today.

Gram gold prices were affected by the developments in both ounce gold and Dollar/TL.

Gram gold found buyers for around ₺2,242. Quarter gold coin changed hands for ₺3,781.

Markets are certain that the Fed will keep interest rates steady.

Investors will look for clues about a rate cut in the statement the Fed will make after the interest rate meeting.

Investors’ expectations for a rate cut in June began to weaken.

The Bank of Japan (BOJ) ended its negative interest rate policy after eight years. The BOJ gave up yield curve control due to rising wages and high inflation.

Source: NTV / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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