Minister of Trade: Our Goal This Year is to Bring $377 Billion to Our Country

Izmir Minister Bolat, who visited the Izmir Atatürk Organized Industrial Zone Directorate, held a meeting with the board of directors.

Bolat emphasized the great importance of organized industrial zones in the country’s industrialization drive, stating that the clustered projects developed in organized industrial zones had made significant progress during the AK Party period.

Bolat explained that they increased the number of organized industrial zones to 382, with 348 under the Ministry of Industry and Technology and 34 under the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, and emphasized that these zones made significant contributions to production and exports.

Pointing out that Izmir has an annual export of approximately $24 billion and imports of $13 billion, Bolat emphasized the importance of increasing domestic production and export markets for industrial development.

Minister Bolat stated that they had conducted numerous activities to increase exports as a ministry, saying:

“We closed last year with a record export figure of $256 billion in goods and $100 billion in service exports. This year, our goal is to bring $267 billion in goods and $110 billion in service exports to our country, totaling $377 billion in foreign exchange. In this regard, as the Ministry of Trade, we are making efforts to assist all exporters through our export support modules, re-discount credits for exporters through the resources of our Central Bank, the credit and insurance systems of Eximbank, and the support programs we implement from our ministry budget.”

Cenk Karace, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Izmir Atatürk Organized Industrial Zone, expressed his satisfaction with the visit and conveyed the demands of industrialists.

Minister of Trade Ömer Bolat Visited the AK Party İzmir Provincial Presidency Minister of Trade Ömer Bolat, noting an increase in red meat prices, said, “There was a slight problem when fewer animals were sent for slaughter. Ramadan, elections, and consecutive wage increases created a little issue. But you will see on April 1st, this exploitation politics will end. Service and work politics will begin.”

Minister Bolat, who visited the AK Party Provincial Presidency in Izmir, held a meeting with the members of the AK Party Provincial Executive Board.

Later, addressing the party members, Bolat said that Hamza Dağ, the İzmir Metropolitan Municipality mayoral candidate of the People’s Alliance, worked with energy and enthusiasm, striving day and night to bring real municipalism to Izmir.

Minister Bolat mentioned that during the AK Party period, public investments totaling 455 billion liras were made in Izmir, saying, “Izmir was never deprived of actions and services just because they didn’t vote for us or choose us. What is done to all parts of Turkey is done to Izmir as well, and more.”

Explaining the investments made in Izmir, Bolat said:

“They talk, and the AK Party acts. That’s our difference. We never discriminated among people. We never discriminated based on ethnicity, religion, sect, income level, color, or gender. God and everyone are witnesses to this, but if, God forbid, they take power, how will they demonstrate a single-party fascism? We experienced this together, during the Gezi events. Even 10 years ago during the Gezi events, although it only lasted 2-3 weeks, you couldn’t go out to the streets. There was harassment in vehicles. There were insults. They attempted to set fire to the AK Party’s Karşıyaka district building.”

“Exploitation politics will end on April 1st” Minister Bolat, mentioning that hospitals and schools were renovated, said that income, prosperity, and purchasing power were increased at least threefold.

Stating that per capita national income increased from $3,608 to $13,110, Bolat said, “The national income, which was $238 billion, was increased to $1.118 trillion. Five and a half Turkey economies were created by adding 4.5 Turkey economies to the Turkish economy. We will do even better. We are making efforts with all our might.”

Bolat stated that they provided very low-cost financing support of 20 billion liras to Izmir’s tradesmen last year, adding, “This year, we provided 1.4 billion liras of this financing support in the first two months. We ensured that our farmers’ incomes were above inflation. We provided wage increases well above inflation to our workers, minimum wage earners, civil servants, and retirees.”

Bolat noted that there were those who tried to present the services and works done by the government and AK Party municipalities as if they were done by themselves, concluding his words:

“They only seek refuge in the market. They try to exploit a product’s price increase, but can they exploit onions and potatoes in this election? Sugar, sunflower oil, tomatoes, paste, peppers… They cannot. There was a slight increase in red meat prices. There was a little problem when fewer animals were sent for slaughter. They tried to exploit this issue by overlaying Ramadan, elections, and consecutive wage increases, but you will see on April 1st, this exploitation politics will end. Service and work politics will begin.”

source: prepared by Melisa Beğiç

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