Nurol Makina Strengthens Qatar’s Security with Over 400 Turkish Armored Vehicles

Nurol Makina, one of the leading producers of armored vehicles in the Turkish defense industry, showcased the tactical wheeled vehicle Ejder Yalçın at the 8th Doha International Maritime Defense Exhibition and Conference (DIMDEX 2024), which is in use by the Qatari military.

Anıl Karel, Deputy General Manager of Nurol Makina, told AA news agency that they initiated vehicle supply contracts to meet the needs of various security and military units in Qatar in 2017.

Collaborating with Barzan Holding in Qatar and executing the contracts through the holding, Karel stated that currently, more than 400 of their vehicles are serving in different units in Qatar.

Highlighting that they provide not only vehicles but also a comprehensive system solution, Karel mentioned the significant mission and weapon equipment on the vehicles resulting from their collaboration with ASELSAN. He stated, “In this context, it is one of the large projects that Turkey has signed both in terms of budget and quantity. All supplies are not completed; we are still continuing. There are vehicles awaiting delivery in our factory for various reasons, but during the meetings we had with the users at the fair, satisfaction was expressed. They are particularly pleased with the Ejder TOMA vehicles they purchased for the World Cup. They conveyed that it had a significant impact on the safety of the World Cup. In addition, other army units also expressed great satisfaction with the vehicles they use.”

“As of 2023, we opened a maintenance and repair center. The establishment, operation, provision of training, and handing over the matured system to the user are included. Probably in 2 years, we will hand over this maintenance and repair center to the user, and they will be able to perform their own maintenance and repairs,” Karel added.

Operating in More Than 22 Countries Across 4 Continents

Anıl Karel stated that Nurol Makina targets not only the Gulf region but also the entire world, and their vehicles are in operation in more than 22 countries across 4 continents.

Emphasizing their interest in the developments in Saudi Arabia in addition to Qatar in the Gulf countries, Karel highlighted their intention to follow and participate in programs that will be broadcasted there.

He concluded by expressing their ambition to be a player in 4×4 vehicle programs worldwide, actively monitoring and participating in programs related to such vehicles across the globe.

source: prepared by Melisa Beğiç

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