Odeabank Launches Odeatech, a New Technology Subsidiary Focused on Digital Transformation

Acting with the vision of “becoming a ‘phygital’ bank”, Odeabank took a step into a new formation that emphasizes its innovative vision and established a technology subsidiary called Odeatech.

Since its establishment, Odeabank has aimed to provide the best integrated digital experience with original physical services, operating with the vision of becoming Turkiye’s ‘phygital’ bank. Now, with the new technology company Odeatech, Odeabank aims to meet its technology needs internally to offer customers a more efficient and faster banking experience.

Located in DijitalPark Teknokent in Istanbul Atasehir, Odeatech will conduct R&D activities related to information technology, communication, and artificial intelligence for Odeabank. It will engage in artificial intelligence-based software development, develop new products, tools, software, and technological and analytical solutions according to methodologies and standards, and provide consulting services in this field.

Odeatech plans to increase the bank’s competitiveness in this field by improving customer experience and ensuring operational efficiency with artificial intelligence-based solutions, as well as providing services to different institutions and organizations in domestic and foreign markets in the future.

Making a statement regarding Odeatech, which was launched by Odeabank, Odeabank General Manager Mert Oncu said;

“As Odeabank, we attach importance to quickly integrating technological developments into business processes in line with our digital banking vision, and we carry out studies in this field. Odeatech once again underlines how committed we are to this vision. With our Odeatech subsidiary, we will integrate technology and what technology brings into our products and services faster and more efficiently. We aim to build the future of banking today by offering this service to different institutions and organizations in the sector in the future.”

Source: Egirisim / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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