PCI Checklist will continue its path with its new platform under the name Onlayer

Onlayer, which supervises 25 thousand merchants that are members of the banks and payment institutions it serves, will strengthen its presence in Turkiye and increase employment with its new brand and services, as well as expand into the United Arab Emirates and Indian markets.

PCI Checklist, a local startup operating in the field of cyber security, will continue its activities under the name of Onlayer, the “End-to-End Risk Management” platform it developed.

The company, which changed its name with the expansion of its service scope, analyzes and predicts cyber security risks, as well as fraud, compliance and financial risks of workplaces that are members of banks and payment institutions, with the artificial intelligence engine it developed. Onlayer, which has become a platform that provides proactive management of risks from a single point, will also expand to the United Arab Emirates and India markets.

Onlayer goes into layers of risk control

Onlayer Co-Founder and CEO Kivanc Harputlu said that banks and payment institutions have different needs when scanning the cyber security risks of member businesses.

“Banks and payment institutions need risk analysis against compliance, fraud, fraud and financial actions of their member businesses, as well as cyber security. We developed our technology to serve these verticals and made it possible to make risk predictions with the artificial intelligence engine. Apart from the risk screening of these 4 areas, we also analyze the risks of the points that banks and payment institutions should consider when purchasing new member businesses. In this way, the bank and payment institution can automatically receive all these risk controls from a single platform when purchasing a new member business.

As is the case globally, we have reduced the customer acquisition process from three weeks to 5 minutes thanks to our technology. In addition to providing a competitive advantage for banks and payment institutions in gaining new merchants, periodic cyber security, fraud and compliance checks can also prevent material and moral damages that may occur. As Onlayer, we will examine our new services from a holistic perspective and consider the risks in all layers. For this purpose, we changed our name. In fact, we chose Onlayer, the legal name of our company, considering the path we wanted to follow in the future. We are excited to renew our branding process in this context.”

Source: Egirisim / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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