Recruitment platform OneNewOne receives investment from Alesta over $1 million valuation

Alesta Investment continues to invest in early stage technology startups with high growth potential.

The local startup OneNewOne, which offers a fast, efficient and low-cost new generation recruitment management system based on artificial intelligence, officially announced that it received an investment of $1 million in the tour in which Alesta participated.

Operating in the field of recruitment in the Human Resources vertical, OneNewOne classifies and matches the CV Pool in minutes with artificial intelligence technology, and enables the artificial intelligence to complete the preliminary interviews with the “Smart Pre-Interview” module.

In addition, with the “Interview and Exam Automation” and “Smart Proposal” modules, it offers HR officials the chance to manage the entire recruitment process on a single platform with learning algorithms.

OneNewOne founder Tunc Erman said about the investment:

“With OneNewOne, we offer our business partners, who use us at home and abroad, the opportunity to experience the ‘Future of Recruitment’, we have taken an important step towards achieving our goals with the investment we have received, we believe that together we will reach our global dreams quickly.”

With the investment it has received, OneNewOne plans to expand its market share in artificial intelligence R&D studies and global markets.

Source: Egirisim / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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