Local fintech startup Fimple signed an agreement with Kasa Participation Bank in its 1st year

Local fintech Fimple, which has achieved great success since its establishment, announced that it had signed an agreement with Hedefbank and Qbank before completing its first year, and announced that it had signed an agreement with Kasa Participation Bank, which received its establishment permission in the past months, as the main banking technology provider.

Fimple, which started its activities actively after the core investment tour it completed in May 2022, gave the first impressions about the sector positioning with more than 50 colleagues and more than 80 business partners, all of whom are experienced in the sector, in a short time after its establishment.

With the main banking technology platform called Fimple Core, which it developed using the most up-to-date technologies with its microservice architecture, it attracted attention with the vision of becoming the next generation investment banks, and it agreed with the investment banks Hedefbank and Qbank, which continue their establishment studies.

Recently, Fimple added a new success to its achievements in a short time by making an agreement with Kasa Participation Digital Bank, which is preparing to serve with participation banking principles, as the main banking platform provider.

Fimple CEO Dr. Mucahit Gundebahar commented on their first year as Fimple


“When we look at the point we have reached since the day we were founded as Fimple, I can say that we have come a long way in the world of banktech-fintech. Of course, I would like to emphasize that behind the success we have achieved in this journey, there is a team, each of whom is experienced in their field and above all, they believe. We are very proud that our main banking platform, which we have created by meticulously analyzing the needs of the sector and using the latest technology and systems, has been received with interest, especially by newly established banks and financial institutions. This is actually proof that we, as Fimple, are on the right track.”

“With our Fimple Core main banking platform, which we have produced in full compliance with the requirements of the regulation as a result of intense effort and effort, we meet the technology needs of banks and financial institutions from end to end, while at the same time, we provide a significant cost advantage over the initial investment costs required by traditional systems with our innovative licensing model. In addition to the distinctive product features of Fimple Core, I think this advantage is an important factor in our preference by newly established banks.” He continued saying, “After our very valuable customers, Hedefbank and Qbank, whom I can clearly say as Fimple, who have made significant contributions to the development of ourselves and our product, the agreement we made before the end of our first year with Kasa Digital Bank, which continues its activities with the vision of bringing a new breath to our banking ecosystem and representing our country abroad in the field of banking, was a very important milestone for us. I would like to thank all my teammates and Kasa family who contributed to this process” and shared his thoughts on the Fimple – Kasa Participation Digital Bank agreement.

Dr. Mucahit Gundebahar: “On-premise in Turkiye, cloud model abroad with SaaS approach”

Expressing that Fimple develops all of its products in harmony with a global vision and local market, while they are addressing new generation business needs with its API-based main banking platform, Gundebahar continued his statements as follows:

“As Fimple, our most important asset is our highly experienced colleagues-partners. We attach great importance to acting in harmony with the local-regional regulation both in Turkiye and in the foreign countries we are in talks with, and we act very meticulously. With the advantage that the Fimple platform has the ability to work both in the on-premise model and in cloud systems, we preferred to consider the banks we established in our country in the on-premise model. We established Hedef Investment Bank, Q Investment Bank and Kasa Digital Participation Banks with a completely on-premises approach.”

Dr. Mucahit Gundebahar: “Fimple will grow together with the fintech ecosystem.”

Finally Gundebahar stated the following:

“At Fimple, we clearly see the potential of the fintech ecosystem and attach great importance to its development. We made more than 80 business partnerships, some of them abroad, in our first year with the marketplace model we created as Fimple. We opened the Fimple infrastructure to our business partners, allowing them to develop their own products. We integrated most of these products into the Fimple main banking system and offered them to our customers. In this way, we mediated not only as Fimple, but also for our business partners to gain financial benefits. We believe that we will contribute to the growth model with the ecosystem, and to the banking-finance world of our country with our product capabilities as well as our inclusive business partnership activities.”

Source: Egirisim / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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