Salus, which offers a personalized preventive health platform, received $4.7 million in seed investment

With the participation of leading investment funds in Europe and Turkiye, local startup Salus completed its seed investment round of $4.7 million.

Salus, which builds a comprehensive preventive health world by centering its users, received a seed investment of $4.7 million.

The investment tour, led by Northzone as its first investment in Turkiye, was attended by important angel investors such as 500 Emerging Europe, Pitchdrive, Is Bankasi 100. Yil Venture Capital, as well as Adam Anders (Anterra Capital), Can Yucaoglu (MAP Investment), Mehmet Yilmaz (Freeletics & Zavvy), Joshua Cornelius (Freeletics & Zavvy) and Kivanc Semen (DataGuard). In addition, the startup’s existing investors, Collective Spark and Wamda Capital, showed their confidence in Salus by increasing their investments.

In the pre-seed investment round, which took place 12 months ago and was led by Collective Spark, valuable angel investors such as Mehmet Ali Aydinlar (Acibadem Health Group), Firat Ileri (Hummingbird), Inanc Balci (Lazada & Crestone VC), Eren Yanik (Gram Games), Egem Eraslan (Midas) and Bora Uluduz (Memorial Health Group) invested $800 thousand in Salus. The total amount of investment received by Salus since its establishment has reached $5.5 million.

Alperen Adikti, co-founder and CEO of Salus, said in his statement about the investment;

“Although it has been 18 months since our establishment, we are very happy to serve leading companies in their fields such as QNB Finansbank, ING, P&G, Midas, Zeplin,, Odeal. With our rapid growth, we became the first investment in Turkiye of Northzone, which is an early investor in iconic startups such as Spotify, Spring Health, Personio, Klarna. We will use this investment to support our growth both on the corporate and individual side, and to expand our products and services to become Turkiye’s most inclusive health practice. The fact that we have received one of the largest seed investments made in Turkiye is also a proof of the urgent need and belief in Salus’ mission. With the support of our investors and partners who believe in us, we will continue to progress rapidly on this path that we set out with great excitement.

Our top priority is to help our users develop good and healthy living habits, preventing potential long-term health problems as much as possible and creating a meaningful connection between employers and employees. To achieve this, Salus’ expert team includes more than 200 clinical psychologists, psychological counselors, dietitians, physiotherapists, birth coaches, family counselors and child development specialists. We put the experts who will join the Salus family through a very meticulous interview process and check the YOK diploma of each of them. Thanks to our simple and easy-to-use interface, we make it easier to start therapy, nutrition consultancy and physiotherapy. In addition to expert interviews, we also offer our users a wide world of content free of charge, including meditations, daily suggestions, video, audio and written resources. We gather under one roof everything you need to take care of yourself and recover faster between two sessions, with content prepared by experts and each subject to expert control.”

Source: Egirisim / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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