Sanliurfa Metropolitan Municipality’s solar power plant started operating

The solar power plant built by Sanliurfa Metropolitan Municipality came into operation.

According to the statement made by the municipality, the energy needs of approximately 16,500 households will be met with the solar power plant with an installed power of 18 megawatts, established on 200 decares of land unsuitable for agriculture in Asik District of Karakopru district.

Metropolitan Mayor Zeynel Abidin Beyazgul inspected the power plant where the works were completed and received information from the technical team.

Beyazgul stated that the solar power plant has become operational.

Thanking those who contributed to the project, Beyazgul said:

“We are now getting the reward of this investment. Our goal is to install solar panels equal to all the energy we consume and to turn this into an investment for our city by covering the monthly energy costs of around ₺100 million we pay from here. Until now, the water we drew from wells was returning to us at a very high cost. We were also pumping water to treatment plants. These services also require an energy fee. Sanliurfa is one of the cities that pay the highest energy costs. Here we turn this into an advantage. By installing our own solar power plants and wind turbines, we will hopefully make our energy completely free. The response we will receive from here will ensure that we do not pay an energy fee through offsetting.”

Beyazgul stated that they started working to install a wind turbine in the city.

Source: AA / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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