SSI provides support to 7 thousand mothers and caregivers

SSI has completed its efforts to implement the second phase of the “Support for Registered Female Employment through Incentivizing Educated Child Care Providers Project.”

With financial support from the EU, the project aims to support mothers who have children aged 0-36 months and are at risk of leaving employment due to childcare responsibilities to stay in registered employment or join the workforce.

Through the project, which will be implemented for 12 months in Ankara, Istanbul, and Izmir, working mothers will receive 325 euros of support per month.

A total of 7 thousand women will benefit from the project, including 3,500 mothers and 3,500 caregivers, with the aim of promoting educated and insured child care.

The conditions for benefiting from the project and the application link will be announced by the SGK in the coming days.

“We will support both mothers and children as well as caregivers with the project” Minister of Labor and Social Security Vedat Işıkhan, in a statement to AA correspondent regarding the project, emphasized their great importance for registered employment and their determination to combat undeclared employment.

Işıkhan highlighted that in addition to the İş-Pozitif Project, which aims to keep women in employment and encourage their participation in the workforce, they are also conducting other projects that include support and incentives. He stated:

“The Project for the Support of Registered Female Employment through Incentivizing Educated Child Care Providers, which is implemented by the SGK, is one of them. With a total budget of 15.3 million euros, the project will provide 325 euros of support to working mothers in our three major cities for 12 months. Thanks to the project, mothers will not only remain in employment with the financial support they receive but also the employment of educated and certified child caregivers will be promoted. With this project, we will support both mothers and children as well as caregivers.”

source: aa.com.tr/ prepared by Melisa Beğiç

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