SunExpress Launches Budget-Friendly Prague to Izmir Flights: Seasonal Route Unveiled

SunExpress announces a new seasonal route connecting Prague and Izmir, offering affordable travel and enhancing bilateral tourism and trade relations.

On Tuesday, March 26, 2024, SunExpress announced the introduction of a new direct seasonal route connecting Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, with Izmir, Turkiye’s third-largest city. This development arrives as a boon for travelers seeking affordable options for exploring the enchanting Aegean coast. With flights scheduled to commence on June 5th and run until September 29th, 2024, the route promises to enhance bilateral tourism and trade relations.

Affordable Travel Options Unfold

Emphasizing affordability and convenience, SunExpress is offering one-way tickets starting from CZK 3,000. This competitive pricing includes a generous checked baggage allowance of up to 30kg, addressing a common traveler concern over additional fees. Flights are timed for ease, departing Prague at 9:40 PM and Izmir at 7:00 PM, with a total flight duration of approximately 2 hours and 35 minutes. The use of Boeing 737-800 or 737 MAX 8 aircraft ensures a comfortable journey for up to 189 passengers.

Competition Heats Up with Smartwings’ Entry

Adding to the competitive landscape, Czech airline Smartwings has also thrown its hat into the ring with flights between Prague and Izmir starting May 30th. Operating on Mondays and Thursdays, Smartwings positions itself as an alternative, albeit with higher one-way fares starting from CZK 4,900, excluding checked baggage. This move signals a growing interest in connecting these two regions, fostering increased choices for consumers.

Izmir: A Destination of Choice

With a population of 2.96 million, Izmir, nestled on the eastern coast of the Aegean Sea, presents a compelling destination for travelers. Known for its warm, dry summers and mild, rainy winters, the city is surrounded by picturesque rolling hills, offering a blend of historical sites,cultural experiences, and scenic beauty. This new route not only facilitates easier access to Izmir’s offerings but also strengthens cultural and economic ties between the Czech Republic and Turkiye.

As SunExpress and Smartwings gear up to connect Prague and Izmir, travelers now have more options to explore the beauty of the Aegean coast at competitive prices. With direct flights and all-inclusive fares, SunExpress stands out as a budget-friendly choice, while Smartwings’ entry adds diversity to the market. This development marks a significant step towards enhancing regional connectivity, promising to boost tourism and forge stronger links between the Czech Republic and Turkiye.

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